Thursday, May 28, 2015


(Destined to be forgotten)

There he stands like a shield of peace;
Burying his worries deep within him.
Ignoring the bite of frost and wind;
Cuddling the metal like his own kid.
He will not close his eyelids for once;
Looking for wolves those upset the peace.
For he is called the warrior of might;
Might that grant his country, its sleep.

Listening beyond the whistling winds;
For the sound of a rival’s breathe.
Breath that may lead him to choke;
In his own blood gurgling the throat. 
Somewhere there across the line;
Another barrel holds a cold lead.
Lead that bore his name on it;
Thirsty for his blood and life.

Thoughts of dear ones embrace him;
Very next moment he flings them away.
Though the memories melt him down;
Never deviates from the line of duty.
The metal, dead cold numbs his palms;
But can’t spread the numbness to soul.
For he is the warrior of might;
Might that let him stand as a shield. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015


(Dove: The symbol of peace)

Though your wings are smaller in span
The flapping hums will reverberate; 
Will rip apart the darkened roofs
Of armories across the world of death.  

Though your cooing is softer to heed
Will echo through the bedrock of sins;
Sins those built upon blood and tears,
Will crumple under thy voice of peace.

Let your hessonite eyes sparkle bright
Let it shine through the death alleys; 
Let it penetrate the evil eyes, of
Vultures dealing life and death.

Let your shadow spread trepidation
When it falls upon vultures of sin;
With thy soft, shiny white feathers
Sponge down the bleeding wounds of thee. 

Though your wings are smaller in span
They will grow and pull off the strength;
To wrap my globe with your wings
To console its pain with thy warmth.

O, the symbol of peace, dear bird
The Olive branch thy hold on the beak;
Inspire me to have faith and strength,

To dream the future of, my little one. 


(The pendulum of life oscillates between them even after a Nuclear War)

I could feel the warmth of tears around
When the dust of annihilation subsides
I felt the stickiness of blood and sweat
I could hear the cries of pain and loss

When I met you down the lane, my child
My hands were numb to embrace you
I could not move my fingers to thee
To wipe your tears mixed with blood

There was this doll, though half burnt
I picked up and offered to console you
You cuddled it with your broken fingers
Then wiped the dirt from its face

The waves of feeling couldn't be held
From thee dirty but once cute face
You regained a light of care in your eyes
But behind that light I spot darkness

I saw the wave of fear in your eyes
For you saw the mushroom of sin
Sin which wiped your smiles forever
Sin which stole the breath of thy kin

One way, let’s be positive, child
The leftovers won’t be fighting on creed
The color of skin and faith thy believe
Won’t be shedding blood any more

Let me walk the long miles ahead
Holding thy little hand in mine
For we have to reach the horizon
To inhale the freshness of a new dawn.


I see Life as a scramble.
Some pieces don’t fit in place.
Need to arrange them somehow;
To feel the completeness, it’s a try.
I know, it is incomplete, my life.
Truth- seldom accepted by logic.
Again, life is beyond all logics.
Life is a war between logic and expectations.
My expectation and your expectation.
Your logic and my logic.
Sometimes, I try to plant them in your soul;
And then you plant yours on my wounds.
In between the truth always get crushed to bleed.

I am a pawn on my own chessboard,
Patterned in blacks and whites.
The black is my soul and the white, my face.
I am being played on my own board;
By invisible hands all around me.
Pity existence called "Life",
Where I don't co-exist with any;
But just accommodating so many.

I am trying to find happiness in a dew drop;
As it is the beginning.
Trying to smile on a bloom;
Yes, it is the present.
Looking for peace on a fallen petal;
Oh. Yes.. It’s the end.

Monday, September 23, 2013


When you coerce me, my love;
To pen down tenderness of verve.
Walking the thirsty desert dunes;
How can I sing melodious tunes?    

Mirages emerging from the wild dunes;
To promise the hope of emptiness.
Oasis to quench the burning thirst;
Still remains ahead of trust.

Marooned in this bone-dry land;
Living a life of apostatize stand.
Dreaming the breeze of oasis ahead;
Beyond the reach of sense and deed.

Begging the sight of a jade meadow;
Spread around the hilly shadow.
Let an illusion descend upon me;
Even in form of mirage it be.

When you coerce me, my love;
Blood oozes from wounds of crave.
Tired within like an autumn leaf;
Never can sing the tuneful stuff.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


"The speed of life is getting faster by every passing moment.

Breathing between the changing traffic lights...
But where are we hurrying towards?"
From the left and right
The wheels vroom away
Honking horns aloud
Tearing my decibel limits
When someone overtook me
I saw a look of triumph
In their eyes and wheels
Also on the hot Asphalt
The traffic doesn’t have soul
Even doesn’t have a mind
The traffic is selfish always
An ongoing fight with oneself
The rhythm of life is felt
Between the Green and Red
Shadows of death spreads
In the light of Amber
The down counting traffic LEDs
Steal the human of day dreams
The count reaches Zero
Starts the mad roar of race
Wail and Yelp of white
Ambulance with blue lights
Symbol of health or death
Uncertainty of life
I pulled aside on the kerb
For the wheels of siren to pass
Seen the distressed faces
For a while in my mind
The traffic sometime wears
A mask of humanity for dead
Also for those distressed
Swearing within for delays
Reaching the city limits
Merging along the swarm
Dancing on brake and clutch
Fingers on knob of gearstick
The traffic never slow downs
Neither halts for a second
No heed for adjacent wheels
Patience losses over speed
The engine chokes for breath
Wheels screech on hot black
Heat builds up in the cabin
Challenging climate controls
Leaving the bounds of lights
Lights of Green Amber and Red
Wheels find happy moments
When touches open country
The asphalt meeting horizon
Melting in heat and sweat  
I see the mirages ahead
Fata Morgana types
Shifting palettes of art
Refraction cheats the eyes
But it’s a joy for the mind
Weary of fatigue and solitude
The traffic is thinning here
Down to the country roads
Green meadows and rivulets
Soothing the eyes and mind
No one to overtake me
No one for me to pass
Why were they speeding this mad?
Whom they try winning over?
No look of triumph in eyes
No bounds of colored lights
The traffic is more humane now
On this road towards infinity. 



"Every eye has tears ... every heart has pain and love.. The eternal feelings!!
Tears can be called tears when it originates from heart...."

I was on the dusky seashore
On the silky sands lined with surf
Cold of dusk was felt on numb feet
Like the shock of an electric eel
Salinity was breath in the air
Salt got on to the corners of eyes
Where it burnt on the soft tissues
Started to mix with the wetness there
The burning began to haze my eyes  
Eyes where you dwell, when it began
You were always there in my eyes
But never knew of thee being there
You were always there in my eyes
Be it when I sleep or awake
Be it a light of day or dark night
Glancing me through those black wide eyes
With a smile half in pain and joy
Hiding the deep set sorrows in you
You smiled for me to end my demise
You smiled for me to wing my dreams
Yet I could not contain you there
For I was selfish and brutal in love
I never knew the true meaning of love
For I thought love to be chaining thyself
The soreness rise in the corner of eyes
Mixing of salt with the wetness there
Felt the tears on my cheek and then chin
I started to cry in a silent pain
Tears magically cures the pain
Tears wipe out the stains on mind
I never knew it until I cried
When I cried, I fathomed the truth
The whites of my eyes turned into red
The hazy vision now gaining correct
Can see the horizon in ocher finish
Can see the seagull high flying for nest
Now I am looking through thy eyes
Deep black eyes those shines through tears
The sparkly wide eyes that belong to thee
Forever there I feel pain and tears…



"Unicorn is an imaginary animal from European Folklore, also Biblical. It craves for purity and only a nude virgin can tame it. If the one is not a virgin, the unicorn will tear her apart."

O the ferocious beast, strong and fast
Come in my dreams with all thy passions
Descend thy chivalrous white upon me
I need the love that’s kept in thy mane 
O unicorn, the one longing purity and love
Waiting you like a virgin beneath the tree
You only tame to the pure and virginal
Let your alicorn feel my thumping heart
O unicorn, I know thy chaste and truth
I will be torn down once thee make out me
All I need is thy love upon myself and
For I am pretending to be a virgin
Let thy love descend upon me once
Then pierce me down on thy alicorn
For all I need you to quench my lust
Then I never want to breathe once more  
Though I am wearing the skins of pure
Deep down I am a mass of grey
Grey made out of lust and thirst  
Will spoil thy coat of milky white
O unicorn, quench my thirst and
Thrust thy alicorn deep in my heart
Tear me down and smear my gray on  
Thy pure and white fur with blood.


"Mind.... the darkest part of everyone!"

Mind always explore out the bounds of body
Violates the rights and wrongs carved already

Cheats the reach of vision and senses of skin.
For it, there doesn't have the limits that akin

Oscillates between lust and lure.
Watching the lies embedded as pure.

The bounds shouts the mind, not to cross it
From corner of heart lets him cross it.

The bounds never crossed the bounds by self
And thus understands the pain of mind.

I never knew who draws the lines of life
Limits and infinities those are directly strife.


"The burning within..! "

Seen my soul on a hot rail track...
running in infinite parallels.
there appear mirages, those hallucinates...
at the end, there is only emptiness..
emptiness that is shallow or deep.
there exists tears in depths..
there exists pain in the shallows..
there exists promises on both..
but are always empty bottle shatters on the steel,
an empty bottle that was earlier of sour spirit,
spirits downed to painful throats ..
to quench the thirst of agonies of birth.
thrown and shatters on the hot steel.
the sparkling shards, everywhere around..
and some pierces the soul with pain.
the blood stains the hot steel rails,
with a swish, that only my ears heard..


(Everyone has masks, to cover their faces!)

The mask which held my faces for years
Has finally fallen apart in tears.
Those wide eyes has torn it down, when
I never imagined it will be blown.
My mask is floating in the sewer where I stood
The sewer of hatred, pain and blood.

The wide eyes, those I never have seen
Haunts me down to the shore of whine
Where the loss of lust is taught upon me
The salt in my eyes washed down for glee
Where that voice calms down the tides
Bring out the face once the mask hides.

I never knew who it was in bodily calm
Quenched my dried up veins with balm
I never will see those eyes in real,
Even I see, will never know the feel.
Let the strangers pass one another,
But the lone stranger is none other than I.

Friday, January 4, 2013


"My inner self.."
When I looked in my wall mirror..
Saw my face with blurry strange eyes..
My own eyes were always bright..
Might be that I ate lot of green vegs.
The face, of course belong to me,
But the eyes are totally strange for it.
Not of me, when I am in high 'spirits',
Neither when I had a fag for soul...

Why the lights are out in my eyes?
Why they lost the charm they owned?
Why they missed the sparkling glee?
Why they are outlined with salt?

Might be someone snatched the light,
With the sparkling glee once they held.
Will I ever have that spark back,
With all charms once they worn.. 

The one who snatched the sparkle from me,
Will never know what that I miss.
Except that my eyes are strange,
I remain myself minus my charm.


(Pain..beyond words)

The night settled all over me
The turbulence started reining me
Then my eyes reddened with sore
The light started fading with ache

The piercing pain spread down the spine

Through the column where life em place
Crawling like venom filled scorpion

Chilling the muscles down to my shin


The scorpion spreads its pincers wide
The sting steadied for inflicting twinge
The sweetness of pain, long waited for
Then will slowly spread through the blur

It stung me hard with passion and love

It chilled me like an icicle struck rude
The shrill aroused my frozen muscles
Then awakened the dormant vessels

A drop of tear trickled on the lips

And tasted the salt like nectar of gods
The breath which held my turbulent mind
That let the passions of life unwind.